A Matter of Identity
In this historical thriller based on actual events, a killer is a man in a woman's body. This story has all the drama your heart can take.



'A period thriller that has it all, revenge, romance, murder, and corruption.' Readers' Favorite. ®

    A tale of love with a gritty trail of blood-chilling murder and an unexpected ending.
Young aspiring newspaper reporter Emma Gilder goes undercover as a prostitute to expose police corruption and ends up being stalked by the city's first serial killer, whom the press calls the New York Ripper. While attempting to help find her friend's missing sister, Emma is lured into the murderer's web and becomes his final victim.
    This fast-paced and riveting story is steeped in historical detail and based on actual events. IMMORAL ACTS conjures up the dark side of New York City during the 1890s, with its filthy tenements, corrupt cops, and flashy outlaws. The story takes you inside the underbelly of Manhattan's illegal clubs and unsavory saloons, where deviant male behavior and prostitution flourish during the turn of the century. The story unfolds with multiple characters and villains and with twists and turns throughout the novel.

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