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The Realm is a fantasy adventure that is more thrilling than the drama that fills its kingdom.

There is a yearning for the tales of myths and legends in every child's mind. But where do these myths and legends rest until it's time to be awakened? Some say they only exist in the imagination, while others claim they are stories of a different time and place, in another world or dimension of time. Exotic stories have lived through the millenniums of imagination with roots so far back that no one knows their true origins. 

 This novel is the story of three young teenagers who venture into the unknown and find themselves trapped in another dimension of time and space called the Realm—a kingdom where creatures of myths and legends are real and the forces of evil exist. 
  In their wildest dreams, Bonnie, Henry, and Freddie would never have thought such a thing possible, and now they are faced with no hope of returning home without the help of a mad hermit who lives in a mountain cave. 

In their journey to survive, the teens form a fellowship with the strangest of creatures, whom themselves have problems. Together, this motley band of misfits travels into the wilderness in search of the one person who may have the answer to their problems.




The Realm is a story written for middle-grade students who want a fast past, clean read about the world of magic.