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A FAMOUS SCIENTIST INVENTS A DEVICE THAT OPENS A PORTAL TO ANOTHER WORLD. Nikola Tesla embarks on an adventure that no other human has experienced. Nikola's story is a thriller with the kind of drama that will cause you to stay up reading.

    But his invention comes at a considerable cost, pushing the inventor to the edge of madness with a threat to humanity.
    The renowned scientist, faced with bankruptcy, rushes to finish his new invention. Locked away in a secret laboratory built in an underground tunnel beneath his Wardenclyffe estate, Nikola Tesla works night and day developing a machine that will bridge the gap between this world and another dimension of time and space.
    In his quest to reach beyond our world, something scientifically impossible happens, which threatens humanity. Stalked by a powerful force beyond his control, Tesla's mind begins to deteriorate as he races to unveil the unknown.

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